Top 10 Western Grill Putrajaya

  1. Bistro Grill
    • Description: Bistro Grill offers a variety of Western grill dishes with halal certification. You can expect to find options like grilled steaks, burgers, and chicken dishes on their menu.
  2. Steaks & Lobsters
    • Description: Steaks & Lobsters is known for its halal-certified grilled steaks and seafood dishes. You can enjoy a range of grilled options, including steaks cooked to your preference.
  3. The Grind Burger Bar
    • Description: The Grind Burger Bar offers halal-certified gourmet burgers and grill dishes. They pride themselves on using high-quality ingredients and offer a variety of grilled options on their menu.
  4. Wau Grill
    • Description: Wau Grill specializes in halal-certified grilled dishes with a Malaysian twist. While they focus on local flavors, you can also find Western grill options like grilled chicken and beef dishes.
  5. The Bait
    • Description: The Bait offers halal-certified grilled seafood and meat dishes. While seafood is their specialty, they also offer a selection of grilled meats cooked to perfection.
  6. NY Steak Shack
    • Description: NY Steak Shack is known for its halal-certified grilled steak dishes. You can enjoy a variety of steak cuts grilled to your liking, along with sides and sauces of your choice.
  7. TGI Fridays
    • Description: TGI Fridays is a chain restaurant that offers halal-certified Western grill dishes, including burgers, steaks, and grilled chicken. They provide a casual dining experience with a diverse menu.
  8. Me’nate Steak Hub
    • Description: Me’nate Steak Hub offers halal-certified grilled steak dishes with a focus on quality and flavor. You can expect to find a variety of steak cuts cooked to perfection on their menu.
  9. Uncle Don
    • Description: Uncle Don is a halal-certified restaurant that specializes in grilled dishes, including steaks, burgers, and grilled chicken. They offer a casual dining atmosphere with a selection of Western grill options.
  10. The Butcher’s Table
    • Description: The Butcher’s Table offers halal-certified grilled meat dishes, including steaks and burgers. They focus on using premium ingredients and offer a variety of grilled options on their menu.

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