Top 10 Futsal Court Bangi

  1. Sports Planet Bangi
    • Description: Sports Planet Bangi is a well-known futsal center with multiple courts available for rent. The venue offers well-maintained pitches and facilities suitable for casual games or competitive matches.
  2. Futsal Arena Bangi
    • Description: Futsal Arena Bangi provides indoor futsal courts equipped with modern facilities and amenities. The venue offers a comfortable playing environment for futsal enthusiasts of all skill levels.
  3. Evo Soccer Bangi
    • Description: Evo Soccer Bangi is a popular futsal center offering state-of-the-art pitches and facilities. The venue hosts regular futsal tournaments and leagues, attracting players from across the region.
  4. Turf City Bangi
    • Description: Turf City Bangi features high-quality futsal pitches suitable for both recreational games and competitive play. The venue offers convenient booking options and excellent facilities for players.
  5. Jengka Futsal
    • Description: Jengka Futsal is a futsal center located in Bangi offering well-maintained courts and facilities. The venue provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for players of all ages.
  6. Kompleks Sukan Uniten
    • Description: Kompleks Sukan Uniten features indoor futsal courts available for rent to the public. The venue is part of the Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) sports complex and offers quality facilities for futsal enthusiasts.
  7. Arena Futsal UKM
    • Description: Arena Futsal UKM is a futsal center located near Bangi offering indoor courts suitable for futsal games and training sessions. The venue provides a convenient location and affordable rates for players.
  8. Futsal UMIS
    • Description: Futsal UMIS offers indoor futsal courts in Bangi equipped with modern facilities. The venue is suitable for casual games, training sessions, and futsal tournaments.
  9. Dataran Kolej 16
    • Description: Dataran Kolej 16 is a futsal court located within the vicinity of Bangi offering outdoor pitches for futsal games. The venue provides a convenient location and ample space for players to enjoy their games.
  10. Futsal Jitra
    • Description: Futsal Jitra is a futsal center located near Bangi offering indoor courts for futsal enthusiasts. The venue provides a comfortable playing environment and convenient booking options for players.

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