KaylaCookies A Tale of Resilience, Tradition, and Hope

Be inspired by local entrepreneur with resilience and hope, Kuih Raya KaylaCookies is the reflections of Raya spirit that everybody needs.

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, amidst the trials of life as a single mother grappling with the aftermath of a marriage gone awry, Ernie Hamzah found solace and inspiration in an unlikely source—the festive spirit and joy of Hari Raya. During a time when the weight of the world seemed unbearable, the comfort and happiness derived from Raya celebrations became a beacon of hope for her and her child. This profound connection to the festive season, coupled with an unwavering determination to provide and survive, led Ernie to embark on a journey that would not only change her life but also touch the hearts of many. With a humble beginning, selling Kuih Raya to friends and during off-season times turning to Rendang, she found a way to keep the essence of Raya alive all year round, transforming her darkest moments into a story of triumph through KaylaCookies.

Crafting Joy One Kuih at a Time
KaylaCookies quickly became renowned for its exquisite range of Kuih Raya, with best-sellers like the Ferrero Oreo, Tart Nenas, Spicy Popiah, Mini Donut, and Almond Tart. These aren’t just confections; they are Ernie’s labor of love, blending traditional flavors with a pinch of innovation, a reminder of the joy and resilience found in the spirit of Raya.

An Unforgettable Moment of National Recognition
A defining moment in the KaylaCookies journey came when its delectable treats were selected to be part of the Hari Raya open house at the official residence of the Prime Minister in Putrajaya, under the auspices of the serving Prime Minister at that time, YAB Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri. This prestigious acknowledgment not only marked a pinnacle of success for KaylaCookies but also symbolized the national recognition of Ernie’s dedication and the cultural significance of her creations. Being featured at such a distinguished event underscored the brand’s quality and its role in embodying the joy and unity of Malaysian culture.

Embraced by Stars, Loved by Many
The touching story of KaylaCookies and Ernie’s journey resonated with many, including Malaysia’s A-list celebrities such as Ella, Ziana Zain, Erra Fazira, Amir Masdi, Norman Hakim, Rozita Che Wan, and Johan Raja Lawak. Their endorsement brought the brand into the limelight, while collaborations with entities like Rusa Music artists highlighted the cultural significance and widespread appeal of KaylaCookies.

A Beacon of Hope in the Media
The inspiring saga of KaylaCookies has captivated the nation, with coverage in esteemed media outlets like TV Alhijrah, Mingguan Wanita, ERA fm, WorldOfBuzz, and countless programs, This attention has not only showcased the delightful offerings of KaylaCookies but has also shone a light on Ernie’s journey from despair to success, embodying the essence of Malaysian perseverance and the joy of its festivals.

More Than Just Cookies
Under the visionary leadership of Ernie Hamzah, KaylaCookies transcends its identity as a mere confectionery brand. It stands as a testament to the power of hope, the strength of a mother’s love, and the unifying joy of cultural traditions. As KaylaCookies continues to spread happiness and inspire, it serves as a reminder of how the darkest times can lead to the most beautiful beginnings, with the spirit of Raya at its heart.

IG: @kuihrayakaylacookies
WhatsApp: Kuih Raya Kayla Cookies

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