Top Vlogging Camera To Buy Now

  1. 1 Sony ZV-1

    Type: Compact Camera

    • Flip Screen to Record Front
    • Small in Size
    • Built-in Microphone (with wind filter)
    • Bokeh effect (blurry background)
    • 4K Available

    (-) Non-interchangeable lens 

    This camera is favourited among vloggers in youtube due to its small size and a very cute microphone with wind filter, so you will have to worry for bad audio in windy or noisy environment. Very beginer friendly!

    Approximate Price: RM3000

  2. 2 Canon G7 X Mark III

    Type: Compact Camera

    • Flip Screen to Record Front
    • Small in Size
    • 4K Video Recording (without crop)
    • Live Streaming
    • Great on low light

    (-) Non-interchangeable lens, price point is slightly expensive, can't shoot 24fps, heats up pretty fast

    Beginner friendly and pretty solid for video shooting and vlogging. The only downside would probably overheating problema and price is slightly too expensive per performance

    Approximate Price: RM3000

  3. 3 DJI Pocket 2

    Type: Pocket Action Camera/ Gimbal

    • Very Easy to Use
    • Small in Size
    • 4 microphone point
    • Super Stable
    • Wide View Field
    • Add-on wireless microphone 
    • 4K/60fps Video
    • ActiveTrack 3.0
    • Automatic Editing

    (-) Non-interchangeable lens

    Can attach to the phone for bigger screen view, have a very cinematic and automatic editing.

    Approximate Price: RM2000

  4. 4 Sony ZV-E10

    Type: Mirrorless Camera

    • Interchangeable Lens
    • Flip Screen to Record Front
    • Build-in Microphone
    • Wide View Field
    • Does not crop 4K
    • Lightweight
    • No record cut time
    • Wind Filter Microphone

    (-) Image Stabilisation cropped out width.

    Built for vlogging, press record button, small and lightweight, and built in microphone with wind filter

    Approximate Price: RM3000

  5. 5 GoPro Hero 10

    Type: Action Camera

    • Shockproof & Waterproof
    • Super Stabilisation
    • Build-in Microphone
    • Lightweight
    • Small in Size
    • 5.3K Video Shoot
    • Front Screen

    (-) Not much improvement from Hero 9

    Super lightweight and can attach to anywhere for extreme sports and active lifestyle. 

    Approximate Price: RM2500

  6. 6 Panasonic GH5 Mark II

    Type: Professional Camera

    • Photography & Videography (Pro)
    • Suitable for Events Coverage
    • No Video Cut off Time
    • 4K 60fps (No crop)
    • Interchangeable Lens
    • Audio Controlling (will not peak drastically)
    • Super Stable

    (-) Not suitable for self vlogging travelling.

    Professional Camera for those who are into event coverage or wanting to make a professional video finishing. This camera is good to invest in, although not suitable for travelling and not shockproof, however it is great for professional use.

    Approximate Price: RM5600

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