Top Street Food Manila

  1. Mary

    The Dessert is served after every meal. A multilayered cold dessert, the Halo-Halo. Crushed ice, milk, fruits, and various dried fruits are used to make it. In the Philippines, it is the most favoured dessert. Order the Halo-Halo dessert after you have finished your dinner and snacks.

    50 to 200 Philippine Pesos approximately.

  2. 2 Puto


    A puto is a rice flour-based steamed cake. They are incredibly soft and steamed like dumplings. Puto comes in a variety of colours in addition to the usual white rice colour. It frequently comes with shrimp paste and sauce.

    12 rice cakes cost 80 Philippine Pesos.

  3. 3 Sisig


    Pig's head and chicken liver are used to make sisig. It combines the two. typically spiced with peppers, onions, and other ingredients. Soy sauce makes the food taste even better.

    50-100 Philippine Pesos as the price

  4. Mary

    A Filipino gravy dish called kare-kare is made with either pork or seafood. Vegetables and a thick, sour peanut sauce are used to make the gravy. Usually, it is provided with rice or noodles. This meal is well-known at Filipino celebrations as well.

    About 120 Philippine Pesos in price

  5. Mary

    Kwek kwek isn't what it sounds like—not it's a chicken dish at all. Quail eggs are deep-fried in hot oil and then covered with an orange coating or a layer made of gramme flour. They resemble cheese nuggets in several ways. This meal is typically served with vinegar or onions and red pepper flakes.

    12 Philippine Pesos will get you three pieces.

  6. Mary

    Pork legs are cooked in a dish called "Crispy Pata" in which they are first boiled and then deep-fried till crispy and brown. The soy or vinegar dip that is provided with this dish. You must give it a try!

    Price per plate: 100-150 Philippine Pesos

  7. 7 Taho


    Tofu (Douhua) is used in the dish taho, which is served in a cup after being dipped in a brown sugar syrup. Almost everywhere in Manila serves this meal. You can either use a fork or just take a sip because tofu is typically quite soft.

    Each cup costs 20 Philippine Pesos.

  8. 8 Adobo


    Probably the most popular Filipino dish is adobo. It is prepared by marinating pork or chicken. Vinegar, garlic, and marinated soy sauce are used to season this dish. Beans and veggies are also included in the recipe.

    Price each plate: 40–60 Philippine Pesos

  9. Mary

    Didn't simply thinking about the Green Mango make your mouth water? Mine worked! The green mangoes are peeled and poked into a stick by the street vendors before being sold. It is seasoned with either salt or a shrimp paste that has a hint of sweetness and heat. You must taste the gently spicy paste with the tart mango.

    Price each piece: 8 Philippine Pesos.

  10. 10 Isaw


    Isaw is one of the most well-liked street snacks in the Philippines, not just in Manila. A dish cooked with grilled pig or chicken intestines is this one. The intestines are first cleaned thoroughly and then boiled and grilled on Barbecue sticks. This dish is usually served with onion vinegar which makes it an amazing combo.

    Price: 5 Philippine Pesos per Skewer

  11. Mary

    Because tamarind is used, the broth or soup dish known as sinigang has a slightly sour flavour. Various meats, including fish, chicken, shrimp, hog, etc., are used to make this soup. Tomatoes, onions, carrots, and other vegetables are used in the cooking process.

     200–400 Philippine Pesos.

  12. Mary

    Dinnertime is a common time to serve tapsilog. It includes fried beef (Tapa) or mutton, fried rice with garlic, and fried eggs. Salt and spices are used to season this dish. It should be your choice if you enjoy food with a lot of heat.

    50-100 in Philippine Pesos

  13. Mary

    A Banana Cue is slightly different and is frequently combined with the Turon. You could treat this delicious meal as dessert. In the Philippines, fried banana slices covered in brown caramelised sugar are a traditional staple meal.

    Each slice costs 12 Philippine Pesos.

  14. 14 Turon


    You can find a vegetarian snack right here if you're seeking for one. A caramelised banana slice known as a "turon" is placed on top of a Lumpia-style crepe layer. It is fried in oil till it becomes crispy. It resembles a banana roll more than a cinnamon roll. This roll frequently has cheese, jackfruit, and mango fillings.

    10 Philippine Pesos for each unit.

  15. 15 Palabok


    One of the most well-known noodle dishes in the Philippines is palabok. Among Filipinos, soft rice noodles eaten with chicken, pork, shrimp, and sauce are particularly well-known. Along with boiled eggs, this meal is seasoned with onions and garlic.

    Price per plate: 30–80 Philippine Pesos

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